Having recently set up my own virtual marketing and PA online business I found the task of choosing a host provider both encouraging and confusing. Encouraging because the marketplace is now very competitive and nearly all providers also throw in a free domain. Confusing because it’s not that easy to work out where exactly in the world some providers are being hosted from.

Phone number

Why should that matter?  Well, when you’re weighing up all the pros and cons of different payment plan options, and cancellation terms and conditions, etc. etc. it can be very easy to overlook something as simple as a local or national phone number.

In the virtual world, where you’re being hosted doesn’t matter…except if you’re someone (like me) who prefers to talk to someone when you have an issue with your website.   So, before you go ahead and click on buy…check that the hosting provider offers national phone support, Skype or a toll free number for your country… otherwise you might get stuck with communicating with your host provider via email or live chat…which takes up valuable time and can be very frustrating when you have a problem with your website!



Choosing a host provider – an important factor
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