We didn’t need someone full-time and hiring Trish for a few hours a month has definitely worked out well for us.

We asked Trish to help us with updating the content on our website, but now she also manages our Facebook posts as well. Specifically, we have sold more high value products as a result of Trish’s dedicated marketing activities – and our fan base is growing.

We’re delighted with the results we’re getting through our online marketing as we just didn’t have time to do it in our busy shop and office ourselves.

Thanks Trish!



I just didn’t have the time to build my LinkedIn profile – nor did I know where to start. Thanks Trish for creating a professional online presence that’s now manageable for me to update! I can highly recommend Trish.



Trish has great organisational skills and is an outstanding team member, always prepared to go the extra mile. She has extremely good interpersonal skills enabling her to work effectively with people at every level within an organisation. She’s a great networker and an all round good person.



Trish came to us with a wealth of experience from the wider workplace. She came highly qualified and it was clear from the outset that she could contribute more to our firm than what we required from a legal assistant. During 2015 our firm commissioned and implemented a new internet marketing strategy. Trish spearheaded that implementation process. She worked closely with web developers, SEO experts and online marketers from concept to launch. Her attention to detail and writing skills were invaluable to us.

During the implementation Trish developed a competence in WordPress. This was typical of her willingness to learn up-to-date technology to complement her vast experience.Trish embraced every new challenge with gusto and frequently delivered results which were ahead of expectations.



Trish came to work for us at Training Attention to help with marketing, copy editing and customer relationship management. She is a pleasure to work with and has brilliant customer relationship skills. She gently keeps on top of invoices as well as keeping up great relationships with prospective and current clients so that it was easy to develop repeat business. Trish has a great eye for detail and was invaluable not only for general emails and blog posts but also for fine detail editing on my book. I have no hesitation in recommending Trish as part of a team or as a freelancer.



Trish reported directly to me at the University of Liverpool Business Gateway where she was a valued member of the marketing team for a number of years.

In particular I valued her hard work, enthusiasm, team spirit and attention to detail. As well as the capacity to engage at strategic level, she was not shy of rolling her sleeves up to deal with practical tasks such as: project management, database and event management, and writing and proofing promotional literature – where she also showed the ability to construct an engaging narrative that draws the reader into the feature.

Trish also proved to be an excellent ambassador at University business events where she excelled at dealing with people at all levels.

I recommend Trish very highly!



At very short notice Trish helped the town with their press release regarding our First Food and Drink Festival, focussing our enthusiasm into a business model, providing excellent ideas to create further business from the event. Trish improved on an enthusiastic idea with a sound business plan for next year.






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